We are a Gospel Ministry at Niagara Falls

Our desire is to share how one can have eternal life and a friendship with God that lasts forever. We look at biblical creation that includes a worldwide flood and how it is connected to Niagara Falls. We hope you find our website a blessing.

Biblical Geology Field Trips

Our field trips are fun for the whole family!

  • Fantastic info on Niagara Falls and it's history.

  • Fascinating evidence on how the Bible and the Flood described in Genesis is reasonable to believe.

  • Free - The field trip itself is free, but donations are accepted. The Maid of the Mist boat ride cost is $13.50 per person (subject to change).

  • Carpool - We will carpool to the various points of interest around Niagara Falls. Take your car and follow us!

  • Vacations - This trip is a great way to start your Niagara Falls vacation. We will show you many other things that you can do and see on your own time!

  • Our field trips takes place on the U.S. (New York) side of Niagara Falls so no passports are needed and the border is not crossed during the field trip.

Please contact us to schedule a field trip!

3 Ways Niagara Falls Relates to the Biblical Flood

#1 - Rock Strata

  • The rock could have been put in by the Biblical Flood.

  • Mt. St. Helens demonstrate rapid stratification (rock does not need Millions of years to be placed).

  • Living Index Fossils shows the mainstream methods of dating rocks as Millions of Years old to be erroneous.

  • Sea fossils are found on the tops of high mountains, and fossil formation requires flood conditions.

#2 - The Ice Age

  • The Ice Age started the formation of Niagara Falls (which was triggered by the Biblical Flood).

  • The Flood solves many problems surrounding what started the Ice Age. Especially the evaporation problem. Where did the water vapor/snow that caused the Ice Age evaporate from to produce the massive amounts of snow deposited during the Ice Age?

#3 - Erosion

  • Carbon-14 dating errors make it seem like Niagara Falls is older than it actually is.

  • A glacial lake rapidly cut out 2.8 miles of the Niagara Gorge. Making the Falls much younger that many of the conventional geologists believe.

  • Large chunks of rock have fallen into the Gorge (and can be seen strewn throughout it). This indicates the rate of erosion of the Gorge is much faster than the standard estimates. Which would make the Gorge much younger.

  • There are may other ways for rapid erosion to take place, which would put the start of Niagara Falls within Biblical timing.

Video Presentations

Evolution and it's geological long ages of millions of years does not work.
Watch our videos below to learn why.

The Creation Download:
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